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10 Greek tax return Q & As

The Greek Government requires all owners of property in Greece such as land, residential or commercial buildings and also cars and boats, to submit every year an E1 Basic Declaration, the general Greek income tax return. In addition, since 2005 owners must declare property they own, acquire, sell or otherwise dispose of by filing an E9 Property Declaration which is a schedule filed with the E1 Basic Declaration. This applies to all owners including those who live outside Greece irrespective of whether or not they have an income in Greece. Here are answers to ten frequently asked questions.

1. Who must file an E9 schedule?

It is mandatory for all who own property even those who live outside Greece to submit an E9 schedule with their E1 income tax return for any property they own, acquire, sell or otherwise dispose of in the tax year.

2. Must I file an E9 each year?

If you own property in Greece but your situation has not changed from the previous year and all the property you own has been declared, you do not have to submit the E9 schedule again. You must still, however, submit an E1 income tax return.

3. What is the purpose of the E9?

The purpose of the E9 is to consolidate information regarding property ownership within the Greek tax authority. All issues relating to property are carried out through the tax authority which uses the E9 as a primary source of information when establishing property ownership.

4. Are there any benefits to filing an E9?

The benefits of filing an E9 include declaration of ownership so that in any dispute arising from trespass or any judgments of abandonment the form can be used in Greek courts to show both ownership and continued interest in the property. It is very important that absentee property owners see to their responsibilities because if they do not either physically or administratively remain involved with their property they may run the risk of losing it.

5. What information is required to complete an E9?

The E9 is a very detailed requiring location of the property, municipality, village, size, zoning, percentage of ownership, sursrounding streets, if a structure exists on the property, when it was built, number of floors etc

6. What is required to file an E9?

For owners not resident in Greece where there is no rental income, clear title and the owner has a Greek tax roll number (AFM) the process will require a copy of any ownership document e.g. purchase agreement, the owner’s Greek tax roll number (AFM), a copy of the owner’s passport, the ’pink slip’ to prove the origin of the funds used to purchase the property and the accountant’s fee. 10

If a non-resident owner has not accepted an inheritance or does not possess a Greek tax roll number (AFM) a Limited Power of Attorney will be required from the Greek Consulate in the country that the owner is resident.

7. How do I file an E9?

You cannot file an E9 all by itself. The E9 is a schedule which must be submitted together with the basic income tax return E1. If you have no income in Greece, you enter zero income in the E1; still, you must submit the E1 as well. In order to submit the E1 and E9 returns, you must have a tax roll number (AFM).

8. What is the filing deadline?

The tax year runs January to December and the deadline for filing the E1 and E9 is announced by the Greek Tax Authority each year.

9. What happens if I do not file an E1 and E9?

Failure to file an E1 or E9 is subject to a penalty. However, the consequences of not filing are not only penalties but also the inability to complete any transactions involving the property. This includes inheritance, gift, sale or rental of the property. If you are, you should not worry you are not going to lose your property but you should submit the form as quickly as possible.

10. Should I complete the E1 and E9 myself?

It is prudent to have a professional complete the forms. Communicating with the Greek tax authority may prove time consuming and challenging, particularly, if you are not familiar with procedures. Any errors will cause problems in future transactions.

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