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QR Code - Code: 12830 - Price: 45.000.000€ - 903-103922

Code: 12830 - Price: 45.000.000€

Price: 45,000,000 euro
Location: Greece
Type: Residential
Reference: 12830
ID: 903-103922
Plot: 5250000m2
Property: 0m2
Type: Sale
Country: Greece
State: Kefallonia
Locality: Petalas...
Petalas, the largest island of the archipelago islands Echinades is an uninhabited island in the Ionian Sea. The Petalas, like the whole complex of Echinades, although it has a short distance from the county Aitoloakarnanias, belongs to the county of Kefalonia. Its area is 5,250 acres, which the 5.000acres are non forest area. The highest point of the island is 250 meters. It has trees, just 800 meters from the coast and has 7 bays. Price: EUR 45,000,000.
Date Printed: 27 May 2020