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QR Code - Code: 12827 - Price: 9.000.000€ - 903-103926

Code: 12827 - Price: 9.000.000€

Price: 9,000,000 euro
Location: Greece
Type: Residential
Reference: 12827
ID: 903-103926
Plot: 2700000m2
Property: 0m2
Type: Sale
Country: Greece
State: Aitoloakarnania
Drakonera island is in the Ionian Sea. It belongs to the cluster of islands Echinades located on the southeastern coast of Aitoloakarnania. It is the third largest island of the group after Petala and Oxia island. Has an area of ​​2.4 square kilometers and is uninhabited. It belongs to the Municipality of Ithaca.
DRAKONERA: The total area is 2.700 acres, has 2 ports with minimal cost of light and water (very close to the Astakos island), 170 acres have been declassified (can be built 130sqm per 10 acres of low height-not hotels).
Price: 9,000,000 euros

Date Printed: 27 May 2020