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QR Code - Code: 13233 - Price: 15.000.000€ - 903-103930

Code: 13233 - Price: 15.000.000€

Price: 15,000,000 euro
Location: Greece
Type: Residential
Reference: 13233
ID: 903-103930
Plot: 678000m2
Property: 0m2
Type: Sale
Country: Greece
State: Islands Ehinades
Locality: Karlonisi...
Karlonisi. It is an island near Ithaca, within the limits of Kefalonia, within the complex of Echinades islands. The distance from the port of Astakos is about 6 km. The island has an area of 678.000sqm. The area is classified 376.000sqm forest, 230.000sqm grassland while the 64.000sqm are farmland and is buildable. The island has a round shape characterized by soft curves and two natural bays. Its dimensions are approximately 1.4 km in length and 1.3 km in width. Karlonisi highest peak reaches 220 feet and is located near the center of the island. The entire island is slightly mountainous and rocky, with low vegetation and there is no industry or pollution in the area, just a perfect natural environment!
* Exclusivity and privacy.
* Unique property.
* Easily accessible, bearing in mind that this is the closest island to the port of Astakos.
* Located a short distance from the mainland.
* Clear title property.
Price: 15.000.000 Euros.
Date Printed: 27 May 2020