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QR Code - Code: 14730 - Price: 420.000€ - 903-103936

Code: 14730 - Price: 420.000€

Price: 420,000 euro
Location: Zakynthos
Type: Residential
Reference: 14730
ID: 903-103936
Plot: 6000m2
Property: 0m2
Category: Land (Rural),UNIQUE PROPERTIES,PROFFESIONAL PROPERTIES ,Land (Proffesional),Income properties,INVESTMENT PROPOSALS,for Development
Type: Sale
Country: Greece
State: Zakinthos
Locality: Zakynthos...
Zakynthos. FOR SALE Land of 6.000 m2 with license for 4 stone houses of 120 m2, in Marathia Keri. The plot is 350 meters from the beach and has the most beautiful views of the area. It is declassified as non forest area and is suitable for tourist cottages. Price: 420.000 Euro

Date Printed: 02 July 2020